Taiwan Society for Disability Studies' Lecture Event 

" Unintelligible bodyminds: The frontiers where disability studies can inform international politics"


Speaker: Li Bo Han (Assistant Professor of Global Health Program, National Taiwan University)

Date: March 17, 2024, 10:00am-12:00pm

Venue: Downtown Campus, Class 6603


Does the belief in a barrier-free social model mean progress, while the adoption of a barrier-free medical model means lagging behind?

Does an advanced country necessarily protect the right to life better? 

How about the fact that some countries that are progressive in terms of their domestic rights to life are exercising

or tacitly recognizing the "right to maim" in their foreign strategies in order to achieve a modified form of colonial rule?

How does the study of obstacles relate to international politics? 

On the basis of attempting to answer these questions, Mr. Li Bo Han critically analyzes the material and symbolic environment of obstacles 

and its effects on the inconvenienced and inconveniencing subjects, using the crip IR inspired by the queer IR and crip theory. 

It critically analyzes the physical and symbolic barrier environment and its effect on the physical and mental experience of the inconvenienced and inconveniencing subjects, 

highlighting the soundness of the contemporary international system.


Come and join us in March to study Disability Studies and International Politics!



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