Master's degree in Human Rights

        The MA degree program in Human Rights was set up in 2008, pioneering the first and only postgraduate human rights degree in Taiwan.

      The basic idea of the program is similar to that of the undergraduate human rights program, emphasizing the integration of theory and practice, and incorporating civil, political, economic and social rights. Students learn theory and how to develop their capabilities directly from human rights scholars, activists and experienced NGO workers, both local and global, who we invite to participate in our teaching. The program supports students to gain practical experience and explore the range of opportunities available in the human rights field, through internships, field studies, workshops, and a wide range of human rights initiatives.

      Our students come from diverse backgrounds, and many have extensive practical experience in human rights advocacy. Our graduates are now found in non-governmental organizations, international organizations and government agencies.

       In the future, we will continue to strengthen the faculty lineup, consolidate years of experience in teaching methods and the curriculum, and work towards becoming the center for human rights teaching and research in Asia.


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