Students Feedback:

"The human rights program has allowed me to build a picture of the issues from multiple perspectives which makes me understand that each issue is not a flat surface, but rather a stereoscopic way.

On the road to human rights, if we can gather a little bit of strength from everyone else, it will be enough to become the adequate tenderness in the dark moment."

#Stereoscopic Way  #Become the adequate tenderness in the dark moment.

                                                                                                                         -  Yi-Lun Wu ( MA in Human Rights, First Year)


"Looking back in your life, you might realize that you are suffering from oppression and injustice, and start to understand why certain emotions and reactions, or special feelings that you can't articulate.

It's so important to know how much rights you as a human being as you deserved to live equally and with dignity like everyone else."

#Self-Exploration #UnderstandHumanRights

                                                                                             - Jun-Jie Wang (Human Rights Program)


"Human rights are a tool, a weapon to protect those we serve and ourselves in the service of others, and the perfect evidence of a contextualized discursive foundation for the promotion of human rights advocacy among all ethnic groups. We have come here with all sorts of doubts, and through all reflection, debate, and the persuasion of different values, finally shape our own views and become a whole person." "In order to go further, more breakthroughs are needed."

#BreakingThrough #FindingAnswersForYourLife

                                                                                                                        - You-Peng Hsieh (Human Rights Program)


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