【Lectures and Documentary on ICCPR & ICESCR】Non-Discrimination and Rights of LGBTIQ- The Dilemma of Homosexual Families


Theme: Non-Discrimination and Rights of LGBTIQ- The Dilemma of Homosexual Families

Moderator: Prof. Jau-Hua Chen|Director of Chang Fo-Chuan Center for the Study of Human Rights,

                                                                   Human Rights Program, Soochow University

Speaker: Prof. Eibe Riedel |University of Mannheim, Germany

                                             Former Vice-Chairman of UN Committee on ICESCR)



Date: 10/26/2023 (Thu) 10:00-12:00

Venue: R101, Waishuanghsi Campus, SCU

Address:No.70 Linxi Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan


10:00-10:10 Registration

10:10-10:25 Documentary Film Screening: Together, Stronger in the Rain

10:25-10:35 Opening: Prof. Jau-Hua Chen

10:35-11:10 Lecture: Prof. Eibe Riedel

11:10-11:55 Questions and Feedbacks

11:55-12:00 Finish


*This lecture is open to all outside personnel. 

*Soochow University Students please register through Soochow App or the e-campus system: https://www2.ecampus.scu.edu.tw/portal/Login.aspx

*Participants will be provided with interpreter. Please bring a photo ID (e.g., ID card, health insurance card, student ID card, or driver's license) to borrow an interpreter. The interpreter will be rented for free and the identification will be returned after the interpreter is returned.


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