Human rights students in Chang Fo-Chuan Center have provide the opportunity to apply for our internships in those human rights related NGOs/ NPOs during summer, winter breaks or even the semester session. What does the students worked in these NGOs/ NPOs will get to know the frontline of human rights advocacy and the tasks of practical human rights workers.

Our Internship have allowed students to not only accumulate theoretical knowledge in the school, but also step out to connect with the local community!

Anyone that are interested in our internship programme or get to know more what have they done in their NGOs/ NPOs internship, please come and join us! 

Date: 2023/12/07(Thu) 12:00-13:00

Venue: D813, Waishuanghsi Campus , Soochow University

Internship presentations towards these NGOs/ NPOs: 

·Awakening Foundation

·Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty



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