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Volume 7, Issue 2, published in December 2023

Editor's preface / Chiung-chu Lin (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, National Chung Cheng University, Chaiyi)

Research Paper

  1. The Death Penalty is Arbitrary— An Introduction to the Hungarian Constitutional Court’s Decision to declare the Death Penalty Unconstitutional
    Author:Chuan-Fen Chang (Writer and Chairperson of the Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty)
  2. Seeing the “Invisible Victims”: Examining the Defendant's Children's Rights Discourse and Sentencing Consideration in the Criminal Trial of Hong Dangxing's Family Violence Homicide Case under the Convention on the Rights of the Child
    Author:Tzu-Wei Lin (Legal Director, Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty (TAEDP); Doctor of Judicial Science, National Chengchi University)
  3. Charting a Safe Course: Re-establishing UK Commitments to Hong Kong Citizens
    Author:Sofia Barberis Canonico, Pengyu Chen, Qian Ying TanXiangting Cheng, Marie Einem, Carys Hosking, Luke Matthews, René Neumann, Qian Ying Tan

Notes from the Field

  1. Bringing in the Body: Personhood in the Shadow of the Death Penalty
    Author:Kar Yen Leong (Associate Professor, Tamkang University)
  2. A Preliminary Study on the Conditions of Death Row Prisoners
    Author:Siao-Wan Yang(Assistant of Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty)
  3. Human Rights Education in University Classrooms – A Case Study on the Death Penalty
    Author:Pei-Chun Lin (Assistant Professor, MA Program in Human Rights, Soochow University)
  4. A Midsummer Fair for Wang Xin-fu and Chiou Ho-shun
    Author:Li-Han Luo (Outreach Coordinator, Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty)
  5. Human Rights Education is the Most Powerful Weapon Against the Chinese Communist Party: Deciphering an Authoritarian Government’s Violence
    Author:Ming-Che Lee (Project Manager, Wenshan Community College, Taipei City Human Rights Worker)
  6. The Practice of a Rights-Based Approach to Departure from Residential Care
    Author:Yi-Fang Chen, Chung-Yi Hu, Xiao-Wen Wang, Yun-Jung Huang, and Su-Pei Lee

Books Review Essays

  1. [Drama Review] My Impression of "Port of Lies"
    Author:Yu-Jhong Huang
  2. [Film Review] Misery and Sorrow under Regimes: Reflections on "The State of Texas vs. Melissa"
    Author:I-Chin Chen
  3. [Film Review] "Argentina, 1985": The Dilemma of Transitional Justice between Punishment and Forgiveness
    Author:Meng-Hwang Lin


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