2023 Open your eyes to human rights

This project is a collaborative effort with the National Human Rights Commission, Taiwan. The activities of this project consist of three series of thematic lectures, a full-day workshop, a field visit, and two sessions of film screenings followed by discussions. The content themes are carefully chosen to closely align with the issues that youth are more concerned about, namely "gender" and the current important issue of "migrant workers" in Taiwan. In terms of activity planning and design, we are committed to collaborating with domestic scholars, NGO/NPO organizations, and even engaging in dialogues with government agencies to promote human rights education. We hope that the solid foundation of human rights education can take root in Taiwan's civil society, and anticipate that young students will open their eyes to human rights, recognizing the presence of more "individuals" and understanding the value of advocating and taking action for human rights.

Activity results video:https://youtu.be/TEkTgOHAqH0


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