Soochow University 111 Academic Y. 2nd Semester

Based on a true story, 'Judging Wang Xin Fu' realistically depicts the trial process of a death penalty conviction case. This film wished to provide our audience as if they are the one who have stayed in the courtroom, seeing the sparks of offense and defense between the prosecutor and the defendant. It is casted by a number of ordinary people, such as Chang Hui-Ching, Cheng Hsing-Tse, and Chuang Lin-Hsun, who have previous experience as defendants, they act as judges in the film; Hsu Tzu-Chiang, who was once convicted of a death sentence but was later vindicated, act as the defendant Wang Xin Fu; Huang Chih-Hao, a lawyer that act as lawyer; and Ma Shih-Fang, who has no connection with law, act as a prosecutor, which is creating an interesting echo or contrast both inside and outside of the drama.

Although it is a time-traveling courtroom drama, it still fully represents the reality of many courtrooms nowadays. Through the interaction of the three parties in the courtroom, the trial, prosecution and defense,  audience will deeply understand the flaws and deficiencies in the trial process.

So, "It's just a coincidence that you've wrongly accused a bad guy?"  that deserves all reflection by every national judge who has the opportunity to participate in the trial.

Speaker: Ms. Chang Chuan-Fen|Chairman of Taiwan Alliance to End the Death Penalty

Host: Huang Yi-Pi|Adjunct Assistant Professor of Human Rights Program, Executive Director of Covenants Watch

Date: May 8, 2023 (Monday) 10:10-12:00

Venue: Room D0309, Wai Shuanghsi Campus, Soochow University


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