Have you ever wondered how close you are with 228 Incident and the White Terror that happened in Taiwan ?

The workshop shall guide you to explore between your own distance and relationship with the History of 228 Incident and the White Terror.

Through our group sharing activities by the forgotten stories, unspeakable secrets, and the process of our art creation, 

We gather and release the memories and stories of those trauma of political violence that have been compressed, buried, and fragmented, 

Then start to re-establish a connection with those authoritarian past that had happen.

Also, the experience shared by the victims and their families/related NGO workers will also be used to try to get closer to those silenced feelings,

Which to understand the psychological impact of political violence on the lives of the victims.

You are welcome to participate and disclose of those secrets.


Date: November 30, 2023 (Thu) 13:00-15:00pm

Venue: Classroom D301, Waishuanghsi Campus, Soochow University

Organizers: Taiwan Interprofessional Association for Political Violence Trauma Counseling,

                         Department of Political Science, Soochow University

                         Human Rights Program, Soochow University.


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