1. Continuing Development of Domestic Human rights Research

One of the focuses of this center is to promote awareness and importance of human rights field to the public and academia in order to commit to domestic human rights research and academic collaboration development. Our center promotes the human rights research work including: publish “Voice of the People, Bridge to the World”, organize seminars, participate in governmental human rights promotion plan, collaborate with NGO to popularize human rights activities...etc. In the future, we expect to construct a human rights information center, integrate human rights research information network and open resources sharing to provide the public, education institutes, public sector and students to access and spread the human rights thinking.

2. Actively promote International Human rights Exchange

Execute the international academic exchange to assist with the domestic, international public and private departmental contact. Mini courses and international seminars are offered by the center in collaboration with the human rights bachelor and master degree programs. Domestic and Foreign scholars and experts are invited to give talks, presents and exchange information to actively promote international continuation. We have built an exchange network with (General Board of Higher Education and Ministry) CEO Gerald. Lord and Deputy chief executive Amos Nascimento

3. Deepen the Human rights Training and Education

Open up human rights professional courses to promote the internship of human rights and organize, provide education for non-governmental human rights workers. Organize special topic team in collaboration with human rights bachelor and master programs to development and provide human rights training courses on the emphasis of human rights talent grooming. Implement and spread human rights theories by organizing different activities, courses, workshop, training camps; potential talent grooming is the way to expand human rights work. In the future, we expect to construct a professional human rights care and background for students, workers, civil servants and government officials in which can be used for human rights standard discourse, formulation, inspection and country policy execution.


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