Advisory Board

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Director of Chang Fo-Chuan Center Jau-Hwa Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Jau-Hwa Chen」 Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Bonn Expertise Kant's Philosophy, Philosophy of Human Rights, Feminist Philosophy, German Idealism Philosophy, Applied Ethics
Professor Mab Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Mab Huang」 Department of Political Science, Columbia University, U.S.A., Ph. D. Western Political Philosophy, Human Rights
Professor Shiow-Duan Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Shiow-Duan Huang」 Ph.D. in Political Science, Emory University Comparative Politics, Voting Behavior, Congressional Politics, Political Culture, Constitutional System
Professor Yi-Chun Chou Portrait of Teacher 「Yi-Chun Chou」 Ph.D. in Sociology, Heidelberg University, Germany. comparative analysis of social policies, social insurance, welfare policies of disabilities, social policies of european union, and theories of social welfare.
Professor Chun-Hung Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Chun-Hung Chen」 Ph. D. , London School of Economic and Political Science, U. K Human Rights Theory and Practice, Democratic Theory, Modern Political Theory
Professor Wu, Chih-Kuang Portrait of Teacher 「Wu, Chih-Kuang」 Ph.D. in Law, Hamburg University Constitutional Law、Administrative Law、International human rights law
Professor Chun-Mei Chuang Portrait of Teacher 「Chun-Mei Chuang」 Ph.D. in Sociology , The City University of New York, USA. Feminist theories, sociological theory, science and technology studies, postcolonial theories, and sociological theories.
Professor Chung-Kwei Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Chung-Kwei Wang」 Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, University of Texas-Austin Applied psychology, Social psychology, Consumer psychology
Professor Li, Yu-Jung Portrait of Teacher 「Li, Yu-Jung」 Ph.D. in Human Rights, University of Essex Political Theory and Human Rights, Cultural Assets, Public Policy, Mainland China Studies
Professor Po-Yen Hu Portrait of Teacher 「Po-Yen Hu」 Ph.D. in Law, Humboldt University of Berlin Constitutional Law, Administrative Law


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