Faculty & Staff

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Associate Professor Pei-Chin, Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Pei-Chin, Lin」 Ph.D. in Social Work, National Taiwan University Family Social Work, Domestic Violence Prevention and Control, Sexual Assault Prevention and Control, Social Group Work, Social Work Supervise
Associate Professor Yu-cheng, Liu Portrait of Teacher 「Yu-cheng, Liu」 Ph.D. in Sociology, National ChengChi University Artificial Intelligence, Mundane Methodology, Systems Theory, Technology and Society, Social Design and Design Thinking
Associate Professor Edmund Ryden Portrait of Teacher 「Edmund Ryden」 Ph.D. in East Asia, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK Chinese Philosophy, Human Rights Theory
Associate Professor Hsin-Hsin, Pan Portrait of Teacher 「Hsin-Hsin, Pan」 Ph.D. in Political Science, Michigan State University Political Sociology, Social Psychology, Survey Methods, Social Foundation for Political Transformation in Contemporary China
Associate Professor Wen-Hsiang Kung Portrait of Teacher 「Wen-Hsiang Kung」 Ph.D. in Law, Indiana University, Maurer School of Law, Bloomington Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Food Safety Law
Associate Researcher Wen-Chin Wu Portrait of Teacher 「Wen-Chin Wu」 Ph.D. in Political Science, Michigan State University Political Economy, Comparative Authoritarianism, Political Communication, Trade Politics, Opinion Polling
Assistant Professor Chun-Ping, Yen Portrait of Teacher 「Chun-Ping, Yen」 Ph.D. in Philosophy, The City University of New York Graduate Center, U.S.A. Philosophy of Language, History of Analytic Philosophy, Gender Metaphysics
Assistant Professor Fang-Yu Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Fang-Yu Chen」 Ph.D. in Political Science, Michigan State University Authoritarian Politics, Party Politics, Political Behavior in New Democracies, US-China-Taiwan Relations
Assistant Professor Hsin-Hua Fan Portrait of Teacher 「Hsin-Hua Fan」 Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Maryland Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy
Assistant Professor Chun-Yu Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Chun-Yu Lin」 PhD in Sociology, Lancaster University, UK Migration, Marriage and Family, Social Policy, Gender Issues, Newcomer Education, Qualitative Research, Interdisciplinary Medicine and the Humanities


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