Admission by Selection (Number of Places: 10)

Channel Number of Admitted Qualifications Method of Examiniation
Master Program of Department of International Business Group A (International Trade and Finance) 5 Those who have obtained bachelor degrees from certified universities both at home or overseas or who have met the qualification requirements including “recognition of bachelor degree equivalent” set by Ministry of Education for applying for master program.

1. Documents Review: 50%. A comprehensive review on all the submitted documents including transcripts, study plan, autobiography, and other favourable documents.

2. Face-to-face interview: 50%

Master Program of Department of International Business Group B (International Business and Marketing) 5


  1. Period of Handling Application: All applications are processed by the admission office of Soochow University by following the similar timeline each year of posting prospectus in October, receiving applications in late October, and engaging in documents review and face-to-face interviews in November.
  2. For details, please refer to the prospectus for a given academic year as well as the webpage of the “admission information” on the Soochow University’s official website.


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