Department of International Business has run the course of “Offshore Market Onsite Study” since the 2005 academic year by holding offsite learning activities overseas. Considered the most characterized learning activity of the department, the study is carried out by students from both undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the departments who form a team led by full-time faculty of the department to engage in a week-long learning activity overseas. Itinerary for such a study consist of visits to local international businesses or Taiwanese firms, participation of seminars or forums held by local universities and exchanges with local university students through intensive discussions, a variety of activities which aim to combine theory with practice. The offsite course has allowed both faculty and students to experience fierce competitions in the international market and thus to comprehend the challenges face with international business operations so as to enable both students and teachers to gain insights into the international market. The course, which provides the opportunity of practical learning and increases the breadth and depth of international vision of students, is highly regarded by both students and faculty.

Offsite Learning (offshore market onsite study)


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