Bachelor’s and Master’s Combined Degree Program


Number of Place


Method of Appraisal

Bachelor’s and Master’s Combined Degree Program

The International Trade and Finance Group: 3 the most

The International Business and Marketing Group: 3 the most

Undergraduate students of Soochow University in Grade 3

The top 50% in percentile rankings on transcript in the class during the period of study.

The students who wish to apply must submit transcripts covering the years of study in university (with the attachment of percentile ranking proof), autobiography, study plan (describing motives, study plan, and self-assessment on personal capability in details), a copy of reference letter, and other documents that are beneficial to the applicant’s application.

The admission committee of the department shall engage in review and assessment based on the information provided and academic performance of the applicants.


  1. Period of Application: The application is submitted to the department of international business between May 1 and May 30 each year.
  2. The students who have been accepted by the program must meet all the requirements of obtaining the bachelor degree no later than grade 4 and must take part in and pass the entrance exam or selection review for being qualified as a student of master program.
  3. The students who have been accepted by the program, must take up at least one compulsory course and one elective course each from the master program, starting from the first semester in the grade 4 year. The master program courses that have been taken during the period of undergraduate study can be waived for the master program. However, if such courses have already been counted as part of credits obtained for a bachelor’s degree, then such courses are invalid for credit waive from the master program.

Relevant measures and application forms

Measures for IBSU Students Undertaking Bachelor’s and Master’s Combined Program


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