112-2 Human Rights Program [Equality and Non-Discrimination] Seminar

    Everyday conversations have become a mutant of microaggression, which is a common phenomenon in our society. In microdiscrimination studies, it is common for discriminators to claim that they are "not being mean," "joking," or "just telling the truth," even though this may be their "subjective truth" because they take their words and actions so much for granted that they are unable to recognize the discrimination.

    Microaggression often occurs in ambiguous forms and is pervasive in gender, racial, and group-specific differences, deepening day after day through verbal and non-verbal means, so how can we accurately recognize the patterns of micro-discrimination? How to recognize the dynamic changes from "discrimination" to "microaggression"? And how to find solutions to reduce discrimination and inequality.

1."Discrimination Between the Tangible and the Intangible"
Speaker: Akoy|Researcher of Plain Law Movement
Host: Prof. Peggy Lin|Associate Professor of Human Rights Program, Soochow University
Date: April 24, 2024 (Wednesday) 13:00-15:00
Venue:D0307, Wai Shuanghsi Campus, Soochow University


    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) outlines equality and freedom from discrimination as fundamental human rights, and attempts to uphold these rights through various international human rights treaties. How to identify and categorize stereotypes, prejudices, differential treatment and microaggression, which exist between the tangible and intangible forms of discrimination, and how to regulate them through the legal system? In this session, we invite Researcher Akoy, a member of the Plain Law Movement, who has long been concerned with the rights and interests of indigenous peoples, to define discrimination in a legal sense and lead us to think about it through case studies.

2. "Starting with my Real Name"
Speaker: Savungaz Valincinan|Call Me by My Real Name team member, 2024 Mountain Indigenous Peoples Legislative Committee Candidate
Host: Prof. Peggy Lin|Associate Professor of Human Rights Program, Soochow University
Date: April 26, 2024 (Friday) 13:00-15:00
Venue:Conference Room 2123, Downtown Campus,  Soochow University


    In the past, Taiwanese society used to describe the life style of indigenous peoples in derogatory and parodic terms, and there were specific rigid stereotypes. With the development of the Indigenous Peoples' Rights Movement, the awareness of respecting ethnic groups and cultures has gradually been established, but has the discrimination disappeared? In fact, it is only faintly surviving in the framework of political correctness, and the original naked discrimination has been wrapped up and hidden in the dialogues of daily life.In this session, Savungaz Valincinan, a member of the Call Me by My Real Name, will start with her name and talk about how she, as a Bunun, lives with discrimination and inequality.

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Organizers: Human Rights Program, Chang Fo-Chuan Center for the Study of Human Rights
Co-organizer: ISCR, Indigenous Student Resource Center, Soochow University 


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