We take a rigorous teaching principle which balances both the quantity and the quality. Through the effort of our faculty, staff, and students, we have earned a reputation of excellence among accounting profession and the society, and our alumnus have achieved outstanding performance everywhere in the industries. The main features of our curriculum are as follows:

  1. Small-sized classes for all accounting core curriculum, accompanied by sufficient lab hours [This is the first teaching paradigm in Taiwan with such a feature.]
  1. Professional accounting curriculum incorporating case studies, strengthening students’ independent thinking and communication skill [This is a pioneered feature among accounting programs in Taiwan.]
  1. Stressing on the importance of professional ethics and legal knowledge. Master-level curriculum is designed to foster professionals with combined accounting and legal skills, with special emphasis on legal issues in tax fraud and financial crime. [Our department creates an unprecedented undertaking among all School of Law and Business in Taiwanese Universities.]
  1. A pioneer specialty area in Master of Accountancy Program which incorporates the innovated technology of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into advanced auditing curriculum.
  1. Specifically planned accounting information courses tuned to current professional trend and development, establishing students’ ability to adapt to the rapid changing international trend of information technology.
  1. Extensive exposure to global renowned scholars from abroad, mainland China, or other esteemed universities in Taiwan, offering students a full grasp of internationalization and diversification.
  1. Fulfilling the tutor function, encouraging students to participate in various activities to promote their balanced growth with ethical, intellectual, physical, social skills, and aesthetic education.


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