Add.: Dept. of Accounting No. 56, Sec. 1, Guiyang St., Taipei City

TEL.: (02) 2311-1531

Ext. for Undergraduate Program: 2590 (English Service)

Ext. for Master Program: 2561

Ext. for Executive Master Program: 2563

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Our department has been renowned for the rigorous course of study and diligent teaching since its establishment about 70 years ago. Earlier Heads and Professors, Zhen-Xian Chen, T.N. Soong, Eryi Bao, and Chun-Mei Ma, have laid a solid foundation for the department to become the top Accounting Program in Taiwan. Students graduated from our department perform quite well as accounting professionals not only to be partners in top four accounting firms, but also servicing in governmental departments and well-known industries. Alumni excel in finance and accounting practicum or academia all over the world and have contributed greatly to the Taiwanese economic and financial development. The two major accounting firms, Deloitte Taiwan and PwC Taiwan, were founded by our former Heads, T.N. Soong and Zhen-Xian Chen, respectively. Our alumnus have a close relationship with the department, they also play an important support for our department.

Current enrollments are over 1,000 in undergraduate program and over 100 in graduate programs. Until now, the department has seen more than 10,000 undergraduate students and over 1,000 graduate students graduated from its programs, and has in effect trained the largest number of accounting professionals in Taiwan.

In recent years, our department has dedicated to maintaining a learning environment that exposes our students to various, diversified, globalized, legal, information technology, and artificial intelligence issues. Together with the rigorous accounting training, our students will be equipped with the necessary knowledge for today’s complex business and regulatory environment. We anticipate our productive faculty to continue current momentum of flourishing in the future. In addition, we will continue to fortify the relationship with similar programs abroad and actively seek close cooperation with several famous universities in United States and Mainland China. 

  • History & Development: About the department’s establishment and development process
  • Teaching Goals: About our vision and mission.
  • Ability Index: The abilities that we aim to give to our students.
  • Distinguishing Features: About out professional and distinguished teaching features.
  • Career Prospects: Directions of further education and career path for graduates.
  • Chairpersons since 1951: Introducing chairpersons of Accounting Department.




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