The curriculum plan in undergrate program is aimed to prepare students for a career in accounting profession, including accounting firms, businesses, financial instituations, or government agencies. The plan may also prepare students for further studies, or for taking vaious professional examinations. 137 credits are required to receive Bachlor Degree in accordance with our regulation.

(English Syllabus for Undergradate Program)

Fundamental Accounting Courses

 Accounting I

 Cost Accounting

 Accounting II

 Management Accounting

 Accounting III



Quantitative Courses




Information Courses

 Software Package Applications

 Accounting Software Package

 Enterprise Resource Planning

 Accounting Information Systems

 EDP Auditing

 Case Study in Management Information  Systems

 Implementation Of Enterprise Resource  Planning



Law Courses

 Introduction To Civil Law

 Business Entity Accounting Act

 Commercial Law

 Commercial Law Research

 Tax Laws

 Financial Regulation

 Regulations Of Accounting And Auditing

 The Regulations of M&A

 Securities Regulation



Accounting Practice Courses

 Tax Accounting

 Tax Filing Practice 

 Internal Control And Auditing

 Financial and Tax Accounting Seminar

 Auditing Standards Research

 CPA Practice

 Practice and Research of International  Financial Reporting Standard

 China Accounting, Auditing And  Taxation Research

 Image Creation for Accounting  Professionals

 Accounting Ethics

 Financial Report Analysis

 Corporate Financial Strategy Planning  Seminar

 Raising Capital in Global Capital Market  and CPA Practice

 Corporate Governance and International  Financial Reporting Standards

 Business Environmental Cost

 Financial Products Accounting Research

 Hotel Accounting

 Business English

 Business Writing

 Government Accounting


Financial Management Courses

 Business Management

 Financial Management


 Medical Management


 Financial Management for Startups

 Modern Business Case Study

 Entrepreneurship and Management  Practice

 Logistics Strategy Analysis

 Service Quality Management

 Risk Management

 Financial Supervision


 Business and Performance Valuation


 Credit Risk and Securitization


Curriculum for Master Program

Our Master Program provides advanced accounting courses to graduate students. Elective courses were also offered for relevant broader accounting theories and practices. 45 credits and a thesis are required to receive Master Degree in accordance with our regulation.

(English Syllabus for Master Program)


Accounting Courses

 Advanced Accounting Theory

 Accounting Principles Seminar

 Research Methodology in Accounting

 Empirical Accounting Research Seminar

 Environmental Accounting Research

 Green Accounting

 Financial Statements Analysis Seminar

 Financial Instruments and New Accounting Research

 Forensic Accounting

 China Accounting Research

 CPA Practice

 Accounting Ethics

 Advanced Auditing

 Auditing Seminar


Management Courses

 Advanced Management Accounting

 Current Accounting Issues Research

 Tangible and Intangible Property Valuation  Seminar

 Financial Management Seminar

 Business Risk Management

 Management Decisions under Uncertainty

 Corporate Governance Seminar

 Business Logistics: Strategy and Cost Analysis

 International Financial Management

 Foreign Direct Investment and Risk Management


Industry Practice Courses

 Strategic Accounting in Financial Service  Industry

 Valuation and Management of Bank Risks

 Quality Management Models and ISO 9000  Quality Standards Certification for Service  Industries

 Credit Risk and Credit Derivatives


Information Courses

 Accounting Information Studies Seminar

 Financial Information Process and Analysis


Legal and Taxation Courses 

 China Tax Laws and Practice

 Taxation Research

 The International Taxation Research

 Company Law Seminar in Perspective of Accounting  Principles


Curriculum for Executive Master Program 

More than 5 years of work experience are prerequisite for the enrollment to our Executive Master Program. The curriculum of Executive Master Program is aimed at improving students professional ability in accounting and management. 35 credits and a thesis are required to receive Executive Master Degree in accordance with our regulation.  

(English Syllabus for Executive Master Program)


Accounting Courses

 Accounting Research

 Financial Statement Analysis Seminar

 Financial Accounting Theory

 China Accounting Research

 Green Accounting

 Financial Instruments and New Accounting Research

 Accounting Ethics

 Forensic Accounting

 Advanced Auditing Theory

 Accounting and Auditing Empirical Analysis Seminar


Management Courses

 Corporate Finance Seminar

 Tangible and Intangible Property Valuation Seminar

 Corporate Governance Seminar

 Financial Risk Management

 Non-profit Entity Case Studies

 Management Accounting Seminar

 Current Accounting Issues Research

 Management Decisions under Uncertainty

 Foreign Direct Investment and Risk  Management

 Service Innovation Management

 Strategic Management

 Business Management


Industry Practice Courses

 Investment Banking & Financial Information

 Quality Management Models and ISO 9000 Quality  Standards Certification for Service Industries

 Valuation and Management of Bank Risks

 Environmental Ethics and Corporate Responsibility


Law and Taxation Courses

 Taxation Planning

 International Taxation Planning

 Securities Regulation

 Tax Laws and Levy Practice

 China Taxation Seminar

 Cases Study on the Laws of the Corporations and  Financial Services in Taiwan

 Corporate Law



Information Courses

 Accounting Information Systems Research

 Financial Information Process and Analysis


Language Courses

 Advanced Business English





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