We are committed to establishing a teaching and learning environment that value diversity and internationalization. To increase students’ exposure to diversity and internationalization, we have actively engaged in global inter-school exchange programs, and invited many globally renowned scholars from abroad, mainland China, as well as many esteemed universities in Taiwan. In the past, many well-known scholars have visited and offered short courses in our department, including scholars from Lehigh University, University of Mississippi, Pace University, California State University - San Marcos, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Seoul Women’s University, Peking University, Fudan University, Soochow University (China), Harbin Institute of Technology, and Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics for short term lectures. In addition, we encourage students to participate in the student exchange program offered by the University or the School of Business. An international exchange opportunity may provide students with diversified learning experience, and expand their global perspective. For relevant information, please visit our School of Business website https://business.scu.edu.tw/ and International and Cross-Strait Exchange Office website http://www.scu.edu.tw/icae/



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