Various scholarships and financial assistance are available in our university to help students in needs and to encourage outstanding performance. More than 400 scholarships are undertaken by the university to encourage students who make progress in academics but strive for studying. We welcome students to submit application, and the grants are awarded based on needs and qualifications.

Moreover, more than 10 scholarships are designated for students from our department. Many state-owned or private businesses, non-profit organizations, as well as our teachers and alumni, have provided generous grants to our students, due to our department’s reputation of excellent education. A lot of these scholarships were designed to give out multiple awards, and the amount of each award varied from NT$3,000 to $70,000. In addition, we strive to obtain on behalf of our students summer or winter internship opportunities from top four accounting firms. Work-study assistantships are also available for students in needs from Ministry of Education through Ethical Education Center in Student Affairs Office.



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