There are 28 full-time teachers in our department, including 8 professors, 7 associate professors and 5 assistant professors, together with 7 lecturers. Every professor not only has many years of academic experience, but also is veteran professional.


Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Professor Emeritus Chun-Mei Ma Portrait of Teacher 「Chun-Mei Ma」 Master, Northrop University Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Analysis
Professor and Dean of Academic Affairs Chan-Long Jan Portrait of Teacher 「Chan-Long Jan」 Ph. D., Nova University Financial Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting, Intellectual Property Valuation, Financial Statement Analysis
Professor and Chairperson Kuen-Chang Lee Portrait of Teacher 「Kuen-Chang Lee」 Ph. D., National Central University Corporate Governance, Auditing, Accounting, Agricultural Finance, ERP Performance
Professor Chia-Ying Ma Portrait of Teacher 「Chia-Ying Ma」 Ph. D., Lehigh University Accounting, Economics, Management
Professor Da-Bai Shen Portrait of Teacher 「Da-Bai Shen」 Ph. D., Tulane University Accounting Research, Risk Valuation, Finance
Professor Nei Weng Portrait of Teacher 「Nei Weng」 Ph. D., National Chengchi University Financial Management, Stock Market Analysis, Accounting, Corporate Environment Costs
Professor Yu-Hui Su Portrait of Teacher 「Yu-Hui Su」 Ph. D., National Taiwan University Auditing, Corporate Governance, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting
Professor Ruey-Ji Guo Portrait of Teacher 「Ruey-Ji Guo」 Ph. D., National Taiwan University Management Accounting, Auditing Decision, Environmental Policy
Professor Yen-Pao Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Yen-Pao Chen」 Ph. D., The George Washington University Stock Market Fluctuation, Corporate Financial Management, International Financial Market, Financial Policy and Regulation
Professor Yung-Ming Hsieh Portrait of Teacher 「Yung-Ming Hsieh」 Ph. D., National Taiwan University Financial Accounting, Cost and Management Accounting, Audit Quality and Earnings Management, Accounting Information Systems


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