The Department of Accounting dated back to when Soochow University was still in Suzhou city, Mainland China. The department was reestablished when the University was relocated to Taiwan in 1951 and started offering the first undergraduate accounting program in Taiwan. After several significant reforms and innovation toward its goal of being distinguished and professional, Accounting Department in Soochow University has emerged as the leading Accounting education center in Taiwan.

Important milestones include:

  • In 1954, “Department of Accounting”was adopted as the formal name of the department, from the original “Department of Commerce Accounting.”
  • In 1973, the Graduate Institute of Accounting was founded as one of the first group that instituted graduate schools of accounting in Taiwan. The Institute was later merged into the Department of Accounting and became its Master Program.
  • In 1999, the department began its Executive Master of Professional Accountancy Program to offer advanced practical courses for policymakers and professional accountants.
  • In 2018, Executive Master of Professional Accountancy Program started a specialized Accounting and Law curriculum, specifically designed for legal professionals who aimed at a career expertise in tax fraud and financial crime. It is a pioneer interdisciplinary program ever offered in Accounting Department in Taiwan.
  • In 2020, the department pioneered another interdisciplinary area in Master Program,“AI in Auditing,”focused on the new innovative field of auditing, which integrating with artificial intelligence and digital technology. 

Under the guidance and leadership of Professor Chen Zhen-Xian, Professor T.N.Soong, Professor Eryi Bao, ProfessorLiang Wang and the following chairpersons since 1951, we have become one of the top accounting departments in Taiwan.

In 1984, Professor Chun-Mei, MA succeeded the chair of the department, strengthening solid theory and practice education, creating the teaching model of small-sized classes, focusing on computerized accounting courses, and dedicating cross-strait and international academic exchange; these achievements have won many compliments and recognitions from both academic circles and industries. In 1999, Professor Chia-Ying, MA took over the chair position, devoting to international and cross-strait academy exchange, founding accountant credit program, research center of “Corporation Risk Management” and “International Accounting and Finance” to enhance research quality. Since 2005, Professor Chan-Long, JAN succeeded the chair, creating a diversified, international and information-based learning environment, and he also established “Environmental Accounting Research Center.” In 2011, Professor Yu-Hui, SU took over the chair, acting fast to work with the trend of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), combining research and teaching results of department educators and abundant practical resources of alumni to enrich IFRS contents for students, expecting a group of international-competitive, diligent, professional, accounting team players from our students. In 2014, Professor Yung-Ming, HSIEH, followed “solid theory and practice education” policy, expecting to train our students into global accounting experts and establish a top accounting academy with excellent education.


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