The Department offers both theoretical and practical training to help students adapt to diverse job opportunities and work environments after graduation. These trainings involve creativity, problem solving, communication, leadership, and teamwork, allowing the 4000-plus students registered under the Department to excel in different fields. In addition, to increase graduates’ competitiveness in the job market, the Department has employed the following strategy: 1) encouraging students to participate in national exams to obtain vocational certificates, and to do what they learn; 2) encouraging students to take up secondary subject of concentration, or a double-degree, to strengthen competitiveness and increase choices in the job market; 3) strengthen job counselling, providing internship opportunities or industry-education collaborative projects; 4) Offering more classes taught in English, assisting students and faculty with overseas academic visits; and 5) maintaining alumni network.

The curriculum offered by the Department does not restrict students within any area of job opportunities. Through trainings in fundamental skills, our graduates have diverse choices of career choices. With Taiwan’s democratization and globalization, our graduates have been exploring broader choice of career paths, including those in advanced studies, teaching, legislative assistantship, media and communication, public services, professional managers at private enterprises, or non-governmental agencies.

The Department, with its long history, not only has well established administrative system, but also has been innovative as the Department evolves along with the history of our time. Our faculty composition, curriculum planning, research, student academic and career counseling services reflect our educational goals and the fundamental ideals upon which the Department was established decades ago. 

Looking into the future, to ensure sustainable development, the Department will continue to learn and grow through regular and irregular internal evaluations. Our goal is to become a political science institution with unique teaching style. The Department’s past performance as well as future plans have proven that the faculty and students are working together towards such goal.


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