In the face of globalization, as a higher-education institution, the Department ‘s mission has always been to introduce new knowledge to its faculty and students, and to promote dialogues. As of now, the Department has been encouraging international and cross-strait exchanges.

1.Promoting International Academic Exchanges

During the recent years, the Department has strived to develop cooperation with foreign institutions including Mainland China, the United States, Europe, Japan, and South East Asia. In 2007 the Department signed an agreement with the Science Po Lyon of France, stipulating the terms of professor exchange, student exchange, and other collaborations. The plan for dual degree programs and summer exchange programs are currently under negotiation with Aichi University of Japan (Department of Chinese Studies). The Department and Aichi University organized a dialogue event in 2013 for the first time. Talks on expanding the collaboration between the two institutions are in progress. Online course collaboration with the University of North Texas is under negotiation. An exchange student program with France’s Ileri Ecole Des Relations Internationals is also in the talk. For many years, scholars and students from the United States, Mexico, Poland, and Chinese University of Hong Kong have visited the Department for seminars, research and interviews.


2.International Academic Activities

The Department regularly holds international academic conferences, inviting overseas and domestic scholars to discuss, analyze or share information and knowledge about the current events and trends. The fourth International Human Rights Education Forum, held during November 21-24, 2013, attracted more than 150 scholars from 38 countries

The Department also regularly invites overseas scholars to give speeches, interviews or participate in seminars and academic exchanges. These include the well-known comparative political scholars: Ronald Inglehart、Donald Horowitz (Constitution Politics), Harold Clarke and Christopher H. Achen (Election Research)、Laurence Whitehead (Democratization)、Bill Black (Human Rights Law)、Austin College (Director of Political Science) Donald Rodgers、James Meernik (University of North Texas)、Leonard Díaz (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana).


3.Summer Program

1.Summer Program for Mainland Chinese Students

Since 2013, the Department has started a summer program designed for current undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. students from Mainland China. Taiwan’s Legislature and Election Study Group was established during the 2013 summer program. Courses include “election system and voting behavior in Taiwan,” and “Taiwan’s political parties and legislature.” In addition to classroom works, participating students also went on field trips, experienced Taiwan’s culture and traditions, and got to know Taiwan’s government organizations and agencies. Receiving positive feedback from the students, the Department will launch the “Democratic Journey in Taiwan’ study group for the 2014 summer program, including topics in “voting behaviour and opinion poll” and “democracy and legislative body.”

2.International Metropolis Summer Program

To expand students’ worldview and develop their professional skills, the Department integrated two courses, “City Diplomacy” and “City Governance,” at the graduate level, to encourage students enrolled in the courses to visit foreign cities and their government organizations, universities and research institutions, and participate in ideas exchanges with local government officials, scholars, and students. The objective is to allow students to have the opportunity to apply and test the theoretical knowledge acquired in class, and most importantly, to experience learning in a foreign environment. Other prospective choices include Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Bangkok, Manila, Kuala Lumpur,  and Jakarta. Upon return, students are required to write a report and share at the end of the semester. 


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