The Department offer the following scholarships for international students:


1. Soochow University Scholarship for non-Taiwanese Students

·        Eligibility: both current and newly registered international students
·        For information on application, please refer to the relevant rules of the Soochow University International Students Scholarship Program
·        When to apply: every April and October
·        Who’s eligible:
·        Current registered students who are do not hold ROC citizenship AND are not classified as overseas Chinese or Mainland Chinese students; OR
·        Students who receive recommendation under the Ministry of Education’s Study in Taiwan Project (including new students who are admitted through projects); OR
·        Students with excellent academic records who apply on their own behalf.


For more information on International Students Scholarships, please see:

2.Soochow University Scholarship for Foreign Students

·         Who’s eligible: international students currently registered at the Soochow University.

·         Established in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s "Regulation on Subsidizing Chinese Language Center at Colleges and Universities for the Establishment of International Students Awards and Scholarships.”

·         When to apply: end of May for the first semester, and end of November for the second semester.

·         Who can apply:

o    International students currently study at the University.

o    Students who have not been awarded the Taiwanese Scholarship.

o    Undergraduate students: students with a GPA of 75% or above for the previous semester, and were enrolled in at least 9 credits.

o    Graduate students: students with a GPA of 85% or above for the previous semester, and were enrolled in at least 4 credits.

o    Students who, during their study at the University, have never received minor demerit as a result of academic punishment.

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3. Fu Zheng Academic Award

A. Awards for Research Publications

·         Who’s eligible: doctoral students at the Department of Political Science; publications should be limited to published academic papers, and the Department’s name should be included as part of the author’s name.

·         Evaluation and Tiers

o    10,000 NTD for research papers published in SSCI journals

o    5,000 NTD for research papers published in TSSCI journals

o    3,000 NTD for research papers published in domestic or international peer-reviewed journals or books

o    Subsidies for translation or editing fees may be granted.

·         Applications are limited to publications published within the past 3 years. Amount of money awarded is by piece, not by the number of co-authors.


B. Subsidy or Reimbursement for Academic Activities

·         Who’s eligible: doctoral and masters students at the Department of Political Science.

·         Applicable Transportation Reimbursement:

o    Graduate students who present at international academic conferences can apply for travel and living expenses (round-trip flight tickets). "International academic conferences” is defined as conferences organized by political science departments or research institutions outside of Taiwan.

o    Graduate students who participate AND present in national political science seminars (excluding national graduate research presentation conferences) can apply for funds to cover travel expenses. Travel expenses coverage is limited to those attending conferences held in and south of Taichung City/County: 500 NTD travel fund for conference held in Taichung City/County, Changhua, and Nantou City/County; 800 NTD for conferences in Hualian, Yunlin, Jiayi, and south of Tainan City/County, as well as Jinmen, Penghu and Mazu; 1,000 NTD for conference held in Taidong and Kaohsiong City/County. Any travel expenses less than the maximum coverage allowance would be reimbursed based on the actual receipts.

o    NTD 1,500 per paper will be awarded to graduate students who are confirmed by the Scholarship and Awards Committee to have participated AND presented in national or international political science seminars and conferences.

4.Franklin Liu Scholarship

The Franklin Liu Scholarship was set up specifically for international students with English language proficiency in the field of political science. International students who have enrolled in political sciences courses offered in English, have achieved a mark of 85% or above in the course, and are ranked top 3 in the class are eligible to apply. NTD 6,000, 5,000, and 4,000 will be awarded, respectively, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.


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