The Submission Guideline of Soochow Journal of Political Science


1.Soochow Journal of Political Science  is the academic journal sponsored by Soochow University and it is a TSSCI-certificated journal. It is scheduled to publish four times per year(March, June, September and December). The journal will accept submissions at any time.

2.The main issue of this journal is politics related research papers, including political thoughts, international relations, Comparative Politics, public administration and policy related fields and takes research newsletters such as book reviews, and relevant research projects as secondary reliance.

3.We will not consider submissions that are under review elsewhere (based on ISBN/ISSB) and translations. Generally, the review process will be completed within three months. If multiple contributions are found, your submission will not be accepted within three years.

4.Submission should be under 20,000 words, except for typewriter drafts, plus the electronic file with Microsoft Word 5.0 or higher office system.

5.Submissions should include the following:

(1).Title page, including author’s name, title, affiliation, and contact address, email, and phone.

(2).Abstract, including the title, author’s name, title, affiliation, and abstract (under 500 words).

(3).Main text

(4).Works cited .For SSCI/SCOPUS, please translate the Chinese references into English, For example: 洪德欽。 1999。〈歐元法律分析〉。《歐美研究》29,2: 171-272。(Horng, D. C. 1999. Legal aspects of the Euro. EurAmerica29, 2: 171-272.)

(5).Please put works cited in the main text by ( ).

(6).Make the note footnotes. For detailed format.

6.We have external reviewers. Submissions will be sent to researchers or scholars anonymously. Please do not leave any identifiable information related to the author. If the contributors cannot accept the reviewers' opinion and result, s/he can ask for a return or an extra session for refutation.

7.No monetary compensation will be offered. After publication of an article, authors will receive twenty complementary copies of the issue in which the article appears, as well as twenty offprints of the article.

8.Authors are required to sign Copyright License Agreement after manuscripts found acceptable by the peer review process. Soochow Journal of Political Science & Sociology reserves the right to make editorial changes to accepted manuscripts. Soochow Journal of Political Science & Sociology also gets the access to paper or digital press and online database for downloading and printing. If there is no Copyright License Agreement, we will not publish the paper.

9.The copyright belongs to the contributors, but all reprints are subject to a written consent by the editorial committee.

10.The journal will accept submissions at any time.

Contact information:
Editorial Committee of Soochow Journal of Political Science
Department of Politics
70 Linhsi Road, Shihlin, Taipei, Taiwan 111, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-28819471 ext.6253
Fax: 886-2-2881-2437


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