Full-Time Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Assistant Professor Chih-Mao Tang Portrait of Teacher 「Chih-Mao Tang」 PHD in International Relations, University of Essex, UK International Cooperation and Conflict, International Political Economy, International Relations Theory, International Relations of Asia-Pacific, US-China Relations
Assistant Professor Xiao-Qi Shen Portrait of Teacher 「Xiao-Qi Shen」 Columbia University, U.S.A., Ph. D.
Assistant Professor Yi-En Zuo Portrait of Teacher 「Yi-En Zuo」 Ph.D. in Public Policy and Political Economy. University of Texas at Dallas, USA Emergency management, local government and governance, China studies, public policy analysis.
Assistant Professor Yi-Hua Lai Portrait of Teacher 「Yi-Hua Lai」 National Chengchi University, Department of Public Administration Ph.D. in Public Administration Public Policy, Public Administration, Public Management, Methodology, Education
Assistant Professor Fang-Yu Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Fang-Yu Chen」 Ph.D. Political Science, Michigan State University


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