Inter-Department Transfer

Number Qualificaitons Methods of Test and Selection

The maximum number of places for the Grade 2 transfer is 20% of the number of places approved by the Ministry of Education on the new entrants for each department.

The maximum number of places for Grade 3 transfer is calculated by having the approved number of Grade 2 transfer in the previous academic year deducting the actual number of enrollment .

  1. Students of the Soochow University are all eligible to apply.
  2. Results of subjects studied in Soochow University have all reached at least 80 out of 100 in each semester. Please provide a copy of transcript covering all the semesters studied with an additional note the percentile rank in the class.
  3. Applicants please be aware of the graduation requirements of the department of international business on English proficiency is at least: passing first stage of high-intermediate level of GEPT, 650 for TOEIC, 500 for TOEFL ITP, 173 for TOEFL CBT, 61 for TOEFL iBT, BULATS (ALTE Level 3), 5.0 for IELTs, or English proficiency test held by Soochow University.

Transcript Review

※For details, please refer to the information posted by the registrar section of the academic affairs department of the Soochow University for a given academic year.

The webpage of the registrar section of the academic affairs department contains relevant information on inter-departmental transfer:  


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