About the IBSU Student Union

The IBSU Student Union has been founded for nearly 50 years and is part of Soochow University’s community and artistic education center. As a public society formed by students of the international business department, the union is led mainly by the third grade students (juniors) of the department with the second grade student (sophomore) being the associates. Each year, the electoral affairs committee of the university holds a university-wide department student union chairperson election, with which the chairperson and the vice chairperson of the IBSU student union are elected by students of the international business department.

The IBSU Student Union helps students familiarize with the new campus life and blending in with the big family of the department from the day 1 when fresh students of the department enter the university. In addition to assisting the department in various related operations, the IBSU Student Union organizes a variety of activities to bring funs and the opportunities of making friends to students while they take a break from studies.

Major Activities

New Student Welcome Party
In order to facilitate fresh students familiarizing with the environment and each other, a fresh student welcome party is organized by sophomores or juniors, in which different types of purposely designed party games are played to help fresh students getting to know each other and develop team spirits, and at the same time obtaining more information about the department and the campus life through interacting with existing students.

Fresh Student Camping
A two-day fresh student camping is held in September every year by the IBSU student union, which dedicatedly designs and organizes for RPG games, performance, evening party and other activities throughout the event. It is hoped that through the two-day event, peer friendship as well as department cohesion can be enhanced and fresh students get to know better what the IBSU student union can deliver.

IBSU Karaoke Contest
The IBSU karaoke contest is held in December every year, which sets the stage for students of the IBSU department who love singing to show their wonderful voices. The competition consists of three groups – man, woman, and chorus, during which the show hosts performs theatrical plays and musicals between performances of contestants to draw in the audiences with an entertaining music festival. A panel of professional judges is also invited to give professional opinions and select the winners of the competition.

Barbeque Party
In order to help relieving the stress with different sources, be they study, social life, and even part-time work, the ISBU student union organizes outdoor barbeque party whenever suits to make students relaxing and create the opportunity of exchanges with other departments if it is a cross-departmental event.


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