All of the full-time faculty members with the Department of International Business Soochow University (IBSU) hold Ph.D. degrees. At present, the faculty consists of three distinguished professors, two professors, six associate professors, two assistant professors, and one project assistant professors, in addition to three visiting professors. Each and every teacher has abundant and diverse expertise and professional experiences in research, teaching, and practical operations to offer to students through such courses as international business, international marketing, international finance, and international trade.

Huang, Pao-yu
Professor and Director of the International Business Department
Research Room: 2302
Intercom Extension: 3421
Ku, Hsuan-hsuan
Distinguished Professor
Research Room: 2336
Intercom Extension: 3311
Wen, Fur-hsing
Distinguished Professor
Research Room: 3311
Intercom Extension: 3006
Chen, Hung-yi
Distinguished Professor
Research Room: 2435
Intercom Extension: 3321
Chang, Ta-cheng
Research Room: 3106
Intercom Extension: 2720
Chen, Chin-sheng
Research Room: 2304
Intercom Extension: 3692
Hsieh, Hsiao-chao
Associate Professor
Research Room: 2329
Intercom Extension: 2721
Liang, Shuh
Associate Professor
Research Room: 2307
Intercom Extension: 3005
Chang, Nan-hsun
Associate Professor
Research Room: 4301A
Intercom Extension: 3411
Wu, Yi-chen
Associate Professor
Research Room: 3421
Intercom Extension: 3705
Chang, Chin-wen
Assistant Professor
Research Room: 4411
Intercom Extension: 3635
Hung, Li-wen
Assistant Professor
Research Room: 2531
Intercom Extension: 3440
Chang, Shu-chen
Assistant Professor
Research Room:
Intercom Extension:


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