Individual Application (Number of Places: 58)

Department of International Business, Soochow University Applicable for Individual Application in 2022 Academic Year Screening Method for GSAT and English Listening Comprehension Method for GSAT weighting and its ratio to the overall score Priority of performance reference adopted when having the same overall score
Phase 1 Phase 2
Subject Criterion Multiplier GSAT Weighting Ratio to the Overall Score Specified Item Criterion Ratio to the Overall Score
Code 005202 Chinese Literature Mean 3 *1.00 20% Written Document Review -- 40%
  1. Percentile Rank of English score in GSAT
  2. Percentile Rank of Chinese Literature score in GSAT
  3. Percentile Rank of Mathematics in GSAT.
  4. Written Document Review
Available Seats 58 English Language Mean 5 *1.00 Interview -- 40% 
Gender None Mathematics B Mean -- *1.00      
Expected Number of Examinee 174 -- -- -- --      
Additional Seat for Aboriginal 2 -- -- -- --      
Additional Seats for Offshore Islands’ None -- -- -- --       Additional seats for offshore islands’ with limit by differences in county.
Additional Seats for Visionary Program None English Listening Comprehension -- -- --       None
Fee for Specified Item Test 1000 Content of Specified Item References for Review

Items: Basic Information (A), Course Record (B), Multi-dimensional Performance (E), Learning History Description (O), Others (Q, for favorable written document reviews, please refer to explanation 2 as the follows)
※ For contents of these items, please refer to the list of document item in the 2nd chapter of the prospectus (page 19)


  1. The basic information sheet is available for download from March 24, 2021 at the webpage of “Admission Information” of the Soochow University’s website.
  2. The favorable written document may contain proofs of participating school’s activity club, being serving a managing role in student union, engaging in social services, language proficiency, certificate of mathematics ability, and other activities or certificates.
  3. The validity of the references is limited to the period of study in senior high school.
Date of notification on specified item test 112.3.30
Deadline for Receiving Applications 112.5.9
Date for Specified Item Test -- Explanation about the Test
  1. Notes and additional requirements for the specified items are set to be post online on March 30, 2023, examinees are advised to read the information carefully and make earlier preparation. (Please visit and click on “admission information”)
  2. Soochow University will NOT send off letters to notify those who have passed the phase 1. Please visit the webpage of “admission information” to inquire the information on personal fee payment and further make the payment of the test fee and upload the information on reference by 21:00, May 9, 2023 (Due to the limited timeframe, those who intend to register for the test, please make earlier preparations.。
Bulletin Date 111.5.31
Deadline of Enquiry on the Overall Results 112.6.2
Selection Method for the Same Score or Level of Mark The sum of percentile ranks in English language, Chinese literature, and Mathematics in GSAT.
  1. In view of the trend of global economic and trade activity and international business operations, the department aims to nurture talents of trade and business management with international visions and cultural disciplines. In order to increase international competency, all students in the department must pass the English language proficiency test before graduation.
  2. IBSU Office website :;Telephone number:+886-(0)2-23111531 ext. 2710 -2712

※For details, please refer to the prospectus on “individual application” section for a given academic year.

Website of College Admission Committee:
Webpage of Soochow University’s latest information on admission:


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