About the Department:
Welcome to the Department of International Business, Soochow University (Taiwan)
In the 2022 academic year, there are 15 core faculty members in the department including four distinguished professors, one professors, seven associate professors, two assistant professors, and one project assistant professor, along with two department secretaries and three teaching assistants.
As approved by the Ministry of Education, for the 2021 academic year, the department is eligible to offer 118 seats for new undergraduate students divided into two classes, 22 new seats for the full-time postgraduate program with two groups – Group A (international trade and finance) and Group B (international business and marketing), and another 16 new seats for part-time postgraduate program for working professionals. The total number of student in the department in the 2021 academic year is 630, 548 from the undergraduate program, 42 from the full-time master program, and another 40 from the part-time master program for working professionals.
There is also a vibrant student union in the department, organizing and coordinating for a variety of student activities both in and outside of the university. After graduations, all the graduates are entitled to join the alumni community of the department, which has long been supportive of the department through various forms including providing periodical expense donation, prize money for contest on marketing proposal, and grant or scholarship for disadvantaged students.
In order to provide a spacious and motivated learning environment, both a relatively more spacious classroom (Room 2524, Professor Hou Chia-chu Memorial Classroom) and a well-equipped seminar room (Room 2311, Professor Pan Zhi-qi Memorial Classroom) are dedicated for postgraduate students to use. The refurbishment and equipment of the two classrooms were funded by the alumni community in memory of the contributions the two professors had made to the department.


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