2019 Advocacy for Asian Human Rights Court

    The research project, Workshop of Advocacy for Asian Human Rights Court, takes aim at calling for dialogues among human rights workers and researches, representatives of NGOs, (citizen) journalists, Working Groups for ASEAN Human Rights Body and Working Group of APEC in Asia. Building an Asian Human Rights Court concentrates on several aspects: (a) the success of other (sub-)regional human rights systems in comparison to the lack thereof in Asia particularly; (b) an abundance of cases that cannot be resolved in national courts were/ are going under trial held by numerous peoples’ tribunals in Asia; and (c) common types of human rights violations in Asia are still lacking a proper mechanism for victims to file the complaints. This project develops two approaches to discuss advocacy for Asian Human Rights Court in two workshops in Taipei: one in May is highlighted under the context of ASEAN, the other in July under that of APEC.
    The minutes assembled in this volume are outcome of the regional dialogues. I am obliged to Amity Hsieh and Pei-Yin Lin for their helpful editing efforts.

Editor Jau-hwa Chen


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