In addition to major help from our own university’s teachers from different departments, human rights programs also invite many extraordinary scholars and experts to participate in the teaching including, Academia Sinica, FJU, YMU, NCU and other experts from non-government organizations. Students not only could learn within classes, they also would have sufficient opportunities, through internship, initiative activities to practice what they learn. Our faculty member is as below:


Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Director/ Associate Professor Chun-Hung CHEN Portrait of Teacher 「Chun-Hung CHEN」 Ph. D. , London School of Economic and Political Science, U. K. Human Rights Theory and Practice , Democratic Theory, Modern Political Theory
Professor Mab Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Mab Huang」 Ph. D., Department of Political Science, Columbia University, U.S.A. Western Political Philosophy, Human Rights
Professor Shiow-Duan HAWANG Portrait of Teacher 「Shiow-Duan HAWANG」 Ph. D., Emory University, U.S.A. Comparative Politics, Voting Behavior, Congressional Politics, Political Culture, Constitutional System
Professor Chung–Kwei WANG Portrait of Teacher 「Chung–Kwei WANG」 Ph.D., University of Texas at Austion, U.S.A. Applied Psychology、Social Psychology、Research Methods、Consumer Psychology、Indigenous Psychology、Psychological Counseling
Professor Song-Lih HUANG Portrait of Teacher 「Song-Lih HUANG」 Ph.D., Harvard School of Public Health Doctor of Science, U.S.A. International Health, Environmental & Occupational Medicine
Professor Whei-Ching LIU Portrait of Teacher 「Whei-Ching LIU」 Ph.D., University of Minnesota, U.S.A. Applied Social Psychology. Psychological Counseling, Psychology of Gender, Qualitative Method , Family Psychology
Professor Yean-Sen TENG Portrait of Teacher 「Yean-Sen TENG」 LLM., MPhil., The University of Nottingham Jurisprudence ,European Union Law , International Law , International Human Rights Law
Professor Hoching LEE Portrait of Teacher 「Hoching LEE」 PhD in Political Science, New York State University, USA Environmental Politics, Global Governance
Professor Jau-Hwa Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Jau-Hwa Chen」 Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Bonn Human Rights, Women's Studies, German Philosophy
Associate Professor Edmund Ryden Portrait of Teacher 「Edmund Ryden」 PhD in South East Asian Study, SOAS, University of London, UK Religion & Philosophy , Chinese Philosophy, Holocaust


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