1.Human Rights Courses  

Admission Requirements

(1).This program is designed for all college students including bachelor, master, doctoral and continuing students. Before you apply, please refer to the information of "Cross-Specialty course selection”  

(2).We welcome students from all universities. Students could just apply and register with their own schools. Please check with your school.


Application Procedures:

(1).Please obtain the "Cross Specialty Courses selection application” from SCU Registrar Office.

(2).Enclosed please attach a statement of purpose (including autobiography, study motivation and expectations). Your transcript would be presented in percentage format.  

(3).Apply through SCU Academic Affairs Registrar office within the admission period.


2.Human rights Master Degree Program

Admission through screening and recommendation

Admission Quota: 4 people

Admission Requirements: Students that with the bachelor degree including university graduates this year.

Admission Items:3 copies of admission papers (transcripts, study plan, autobiography and other information such as English exams proof)

Application: Please apply through SCU website within the application period.


General admission

Admission Quota:4 students

Admission Requirements: Own a bachelor degree from universities including university graduates this year.

Exams: English 20%、Human Rights and Society 40%、Interview 40%

Application: Please apply through SCU Website within the application period. 


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