1.Emphasize on International relation and collaboration: The department will invite foreign scholars for the short term to give out speeches and exchange opinions to improve the students’ worldview; with this, we could actively build a platform for future collaboration. This will increase the collaboration opportunity for the students

2.Publish human rights curriculum and books: Through editing curriculum, publishing periodicals and composing the drafts, we can increase the numbers of papers and books that are concerned with human rights. In this way, we aim to improve the bibliography in the human rights field for them to be widely read and kept. This also provides lecturers and education administrative workers to have references.

3.Create groups that focus on human rights topic to emphasize human rights talent training, set the foundation of human right topics and spreading; and through different activities, courses, workshops and training camp, potential talent could be groomed to widely push forward the human right work.

4.Develop and provide human right training courses: To construct a professional human right care and background for students, workers, civil servants and government officials in which can be used for human right standard discourse, formulation, inspection and country policy execution.

5.Human Rights Education Implementation: We are to act in accordance with the country policies, to actively practice human rights education, to train for human rights talent. We also aim to broaden our country’s international human right horizon, to improve the students and public’s human rights thinking, to deepen government officials and master students’ human rights virtue and to build the public human rights awareness. 


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