In addition to major help from our own university’s teachers from different departments, human rights programs also invite many extraordinary scholars and experts to participate in the teaching including, Academia Sinica, FJU, YMU, NCU and other experts from non-government organizations. Students not only could learn within classes, they also would have sufficient opportunities, through internship, initiative activities to practice what they learn. Our faculty member is as below:


Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Associate Professor Fort Fu-Te LIAO Portrait of Teacher 「Fort Fu-Te LIAO」 (D. Phil. in Law), Oxford University, UH Human Rights Law , European Law , International Law ,Constitutional Law
Associate Professor Hao-Jen WU Portrait of Teacher 「Hao-Jen WU」 日本京都大學法學博士PhD in Law, Kyoto University, Japan Jurisprudence , Sociology of law , Legal History
Associate Professor Chu-Cheng HUANG Portrait of Teacher 「Chu-Cheng HUANG」 PhD in Law, McGill University, Canada Air & Space Law, Property , Indigenous Peoples and Law
Associate Professor Chien-feng WEI Portrait of Teacher 「Chien-feng WEI」 PhD of Law, National Cheng Chi University Labor Law , Human Rights & Constitutional Law
Assistant Professor Yun-Chu Tsai Portrait of Teacher 「Yun-Chu Tsai」 Ph.D. National Chengchi University Congressional Politics, Legislative Behavior, Party Politics, Political communication


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