Human Rights are the emphasis of the national policy development; human rights have also been an international trend. To promote public human rights thinking and values, found laws to protect people’s basic rights, obey the international human rights regulation, we are to promote all activities. Aside from providing bachelor and master degree programs, seminars and human rights weeks are organized every year to exchange information with international scholars. We have earned great results in the past from all activities conducted.  


1、International Seminars

2001, Jan 2- 4, National Human Rights Commissions

2002, April 25-26, Literature and Social Justice

2003, March 5-6,  2003 Indigenous Rights

2004, April 19-23, Human Rights Education

2006, May 22-24, Human Rights Education in a Diverse and Changing Asia

2009, March 13-14, Civics and Human Rights Education in Asia

2010, December 3-6,  Propagation and Implementation of the Idea of Human Rights

2011, December 8-10, 2011 International Human Rights Covenants

2012, March 5th, 2012 International Conference of Restorative Justice, Human Rights and Peace Education

2012, October 29th, East Asia Symposium: Legislation and the Developing Asylum Policy in East Asia Responding to Forced Migration and Human Trafficking

2013, November 21-26, The 4th International Conference on Human Rights Education: Global Convergence and Local Practice


2、Human Rights Week

2004, Dec.6~10, Defending Tenzin Delek of Tibet

2005, Dec.5~9, Migrant Workers are not Slaves

2006, Dec.12~15, Free Burma

2007, Dec.10~14, Genocide in Darfur

2008, Dec.3~12, The 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

2009, Dec.8~31, The Suppressed Voices in China: Rights Defending, Tibet and Uyghur

2010, Dec.4~17, Anti-death penalty Poster Exhibition, Music and films festival

2011, Dec.26~30, A Decade Exhibition of Human Rights Program

2012, Dec.10~13, Environmental Justice & Farmers Market

2013, Dec.12~22, SCU Human Rights Movie Week


3、International Mini Courses

2007, Prof. Theo van Boven, Maastricht University, the Netherlands. "International Human Rights Law: Concepts, Mechanism and the Practice.”

2008, Prof. Ian Neary, University of Oxford, UK. "The Rights of the Children and Patients in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.”

2009, Prof. Flora Arellano, Polytechnic University, The Philippines. "Child Labors and Child Sexual Workers in the Philippines”

2010, Prof. Zang Boshu, Independent Chinese Scholar, China. "The Constitutional Reform and Transition to a Democratic Society in China”

2010, Prof. Bill Black, the University of British Columbia, Canada. "Canadian Legal System and the two International Human Rights Covenants”

2011, Prof. Theodore S. Orlin, Utica College, USA."Responsibility to Protect (R2P): An Evolving Principle of International Law.” 

2012, Dr. Alessandro Amicarelli, Italy. "Human Rights, Minorities and Religious Freedom”

2013, Dr. James Meernik, Political Science at the University of North Texas, USA. "Current US-Mexico Immigration Issues”

2013, Dr. Leonardo Díaz, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Ciudad de México. "Mexico’s 20th Century Political Development” 


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