* The purpose for Friends of Soochow is to

  1.  Assist qualified graduates of Soochow University, Taipei, to pursue higher academic degree (Ph.D., J.D., M.D., etc.) and training in American educational institutions
  2. Encourage and assist American scholars to teach, study, and research at Soochow University
  3. Assist Soochow University faculty members to teach, study, and research at American institutions of higher learning, and
  4. Aid Soochow University in its educational programs, otherwise.

 * History


Dr. Edward Rara

Dr. Edward Rada began to teach in Soochow, Taipei, in the Fall Semester of 1961, at the same time he had a research position with the Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction (JCRR). Two-third of his UCLA salary came as sabbatical-leave pay.

  Observing how Soochow University was struggling financially in 1962, he asked then president, Dr. C. Y. Stone, if there were something that he might do for Soochow after he returned to USA. Dr. Stone's reply was 'I can't tell you what to do; you have to decide that for yourself'. Dr. Rada thought about the idea for a year before making inquiries among some of his close Methodist friends if they might be interested in starting such an organization. One thing he was determined about was that if it started, it had to be lasting - not in and out.

Having returned to UCLA the next year, with a vision and faith, three founders filed papers for the incorporation of  Friends of Soochow in the State of California in 1963 as a nonprofit corporation with tax-exempt status. Later, they obtained tax-exempt privilege from the U.S. Internal Revenue Services. The three were Robert A. Rogers, the Chief Financial Officers of UCLA, Dr. Donald W. Odell, attorney, and Dr. Edward Rada, Economics Professor of UCLA.

  As such, Friends of Soochow has supported the Soochow University financially and academically since 1963.

 * Tax Deductible 

Friends of Soochow is a tax-exempt charitable 501(c)(3) organization in the United States. All donations of any kind are tax-deductible to the full extent granted by the U.S. Law. 

Donations could be sent two ways:
1. Check
Send your check with Name, Address, SCU Major/ Year to:
Payable to - Friends of Soochow
2419 Astral Drive
Los Angeles CA 90046

2. Zelle

Zelle remittance ID: Gifts@FriendsOfSoochow.org
For more information, please email Gifts@FriendsOfSoochow.org.

You will receive a US tax deductible receipt from Friends of Soochow and another thank-you letter from Taipei SCU as well.
Your contribution of full amount will be published in the next annual giving report.



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