Title Name Photo Duty Ext. E-mail
Director Wan-Lin Chuang Portrait of   
  • Overall management of business of the center
  • Development of strategy and goal of donation
  • Overall promotion of all donation projects
  • Release of all invitation letters of donation
  • Visits of potential and existing donors and contributors
  • Annual budget planning
Waishuanghsi 5431 Email Address  
Staffer Yen-Hua Peng Portrait of   
  • Contact of all university alumni and departmental alumni associations

  • Alumni Celebration Banquet holds every five years
Waishuanghsi 5433 Email Address  
Staffer Jui-Ching Tsai No picture  
  • Promotion of the alumni association related tasks

  • Implementation of alumni electronic services: Free Gmail email account for alumni, application of alumni Wi-Fi service, application of alumni website login account, mailing of alumni birthday cards.

  • Operation of website of the center, alumni Facebook.
Waishuanghsi 5439 Email Address  
Staffer Peng-chi Bao Portrait of   
  • Promotion of the alumni association related tasks

  • Reception of visits of Soochow Friends

  • Development and management of alumni app.
Waishuanghsi 5435 Email Address  
Staffer No picture  
  • Promotion of the alumni association related tasks

  • Development and management of university memorabilia
Waishuanghsi 5432  
Staffer Jia-Pei Chang Portrait of   
  • Donation business
Waishuanghsi 5436 Email Address  
Staffer Chiao-Hui Hsieh No picture  
  • Development and promotion of merchandises for annual festivals and celebration events,administrative operations (issuing receipts and sales statistical analysis, etc.)
Waishuanghsi 5402 Email Address  


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