Full-Time Faculty

Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Chairperson, Professor Shu-Pin Liu Portrait of Teacher 「Shu-Pin Liu」 Ph. D. of University Cologne, Germany German Politics, Study of the EU, International Politics
Professor Mab Huang Portrait of Teacher 「Mab Huang」 Department of Political Science, Columbia University, U.S.A., Ph. D. Western Political Philosophy, Human Rights
Professor Shiow-Duan Hawang Portrait of Teacher 「Shiow-Duan Hawang」 Emory University, U.S.A., Ph. D. Comparative Politics, Voting Behavior, Congressional Politics, Political Culture, Constitutional System
Professor Bih-Rong Liu(Steve) Portrait of Teacher 「Bih-Rong Liu(Steve)」 Ph. D. in International Relations, University of Virginia, U.S.A. International Politics, Negotiation Theory, Foreign Policy of Small States, Conflict Solution
Professor Wen-Cheng Wu Portrait of Teacher 「Wen-Cheng Wu」 Columbia University, U.S.A., Ph. D. Party Theory, Political Parties, Comprative Politics, Political Development
Professor Hao-Yu Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Hao-Yu Wang」 Docteur en Science Politique, University of Paris (Paris 2) Political Sociology, Comparative Government and Politics, European Integration, Western Political Thought
Professor Ya-Tang Hsu Portrait of Teacher 「Ya-Tang Hsu」 Master of Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, National Sun Yat-Sen University Classical Chinese Political Thought, Modern Chinese Democratical Thought, Democracy and Governing
Professor Chen-Yu Hsieh Portrait of Teacher 「Chen-Yu Hsieh」 National Chengchi University, Ph. D.(Political Science) Constitution, Modern Cross Taiwan Strait Political Thoughts, Political Party and Election, Leisure Culture
Professor Jui-Chi Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Jui-Chi Chen」 Master of Political Science, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University Western Political Thought, The Constitution of the ROC, Political Science, Human Rights: Ideas and Issues
Professor Yung-Ming Hsu Portrait of Teacher 「Yung-Ming Hsu」 Ph. D., University of Michigan Voting Behavior, Comparative Politics


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