Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Professor Yung-Ming Hsu Portrait of Teacher 「Yung-Ming Hsu」 Ph. D., University of Michigan Voting Behavior, Comparative Politics
Associate Professor Chih-Cheng Lo Portrait of Teacher 「Chih-Cheng Lo」 University of California, Los Angles, U.S.A., Ph. D. International Relation, Foreign Ploicy, Game Theory
Associate Professor Huei-Huang Wang Portrait of Teacher 「Huei-Huang Wang」 Ph. D. in Public Administration, Syracuse University, U.S.A. Public Administration, Bureaucratic and Organizational Theories, International Political Economy, Economic Development, Science+Technology Policy, Philosophy of Social Science
Associate Professor Hsiu-Chuan Tsai Portrait of Teacher 「Hsiu-Chuan Tsai」 Public Administration Doctor of National Chengchi University Public Administration, Human Management and Development, Organizational Theory, Organizational Behavior, Performance Management
Associate Professor Chun-Hung Chen Portrait of Teacher 「Chun-Hung Chen」 Ph. D. , London School of Economic and Political Science, U. K. Human Rights Theory and Practice, Democratic Theory, Modern Political Theory
Associate Professor Chih-Chung Wu Portrait of Teacher 「Chih-Chung Wu」 Doctor in Political Science at Universite Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne Geopolitics, European Study, Foreign Policy, APEC Study, International Relations Study, The Politics and Government of France
Associate Professor Chiung-Chu Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Chiung-Chu Lin」 Department of Government, University of Essex, Ph. D. PUBLIC OPINION AND POLITICS
Assistant Professor Yun-Chu Tsai Portrait of Teacher 「Yun-Chu Tsai」 Ph.D. National Chengchi University Congressional Politics, Legislative Behavior, Party Politics, Political communication
Assistant Professor Chih-Mao Tang Portrait of Teacher 「Chih-Mao Tang」 PHD in International Relations, University of Essex, UK International Cooperation and Conflict, International Political Economy, International Relations Theory, International Relations of Asia-Pacific, US-China Relations
Lecturer Yueh-Chu Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Yueh-Chu Lin」 Institute of Public Administration and Policy, National Chung-Hsing University, M. A. Public Administration, Human Resource Management, Human Relations, Organizational Behavior and Management, Group Dynamics


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