The Department of Political Science at Soochow University was among the first four departments established after members of the Soochow Alumni Association fled to Taiwan after the Chinese Civil War and founded the University in 1954. For many years, the Department’s mission has been to build and maintain a strong faculty, to standardize various administrative and human resources processes, to create dialogues between the faculty and the students, and to realize the vision of holistic education. In recent years, building on this established foundation, the Department has been committed to building and developing academic exchanges with various countries, though inviting well known foreign scholars as speakers or lecturers and student exchange programs. All this is to elevate the number of faculty and students involved in academic research and contributing to political science research.

The Department offers a four-year undergraduate program, consisting of two classes per year. 494 undergraduate students are registered under the Department. Currently 73 M.A. and 12 Ph.D. students are registered in the Department's graduate programs (established in 1991 and 1998, respectively). The Department places an emphasis on training in the fundamental subjects of political science, comparative studies and interdisciplinary studies, trends in international politics and public policy, integration of theory and practice, solid research methodology, and English learning. Under the leadership of Prof. Shiow-Duan Hawang, who was appointed as Director in August 2009, the Department has fostered various academic programs and exchanges, hosted diverse activities, encouraged student participation in internships, and expanded international dialogues, as part of the branding strategies for the Department.

The Department has a large and academically diverse research faculty, with 22 tenure-track faculty members and more than 20 lecturers. The Department offers a wide range of courses covering diverse areas of political studies. The courses are designed to be diverse and complimentary to each other, aiming to arm the students with professional knowledge of political science.

Reflecting Soochow University’s humanity education spirit and its mission in developing the five-knowledge abilities, as well as displaying the humanity creativity characterised by humanities and social sciences, the visions of the Department include:

1. Expanding global vision: actively participating in international academic dialogues and nurturing students’ worldview

2. Understanding politics and policies: combining the classroom knowledge and theories, with insights about foreign and domestic political environment and operation

3. Keeping up with social trends: increasing knowledge of social trends, and sensitivity towards social development

4. Keen awareness of public interests: develop a strong sense of purpose towards improving lives, and to promote for the betterment of society


At the undergraduate level, the Department aims to help students develop the fundamental knowledge of political science, and to inculcate public discourse and organizational skills; at the graduate level, the Department strives to provide an environment where students can develop research and teaching skills as well as leadership skills in public policy issues.

The aforementioned objectives and missions are implemented through teaching, research, counselling and services, to demonstrate the following features of the Department: 1) Balanced and xxx development among the four primary disciplines to give students a complete practice; 2) offers undergraduate, M.A., and Ph.D levels of studies; 3) integration between theory and practice; 4) carefully planned curriculum that offers flexibility; 5) promoting learning passport and implementing diverse approach to learning; 6) promoting online learning and constructing digital energy; 7) strengthening the Department’s teaching and research social groups; and 8) strengthening international dialogue and English language requirement for graduation.


Department Office: Room D1008, 10th Floor, Waishuangxi Second Research Building

Contact number:02-28819471 Ext.: 6251-6255  6261-6262

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