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   The department of political science of Soochow University was among the first four departments established after members of the Soochow Alumni Association had fled from mainland China to Taiwan after the Chinese Civil War and founded the University in 1954. The Department's graduate programs were established in 1991 and 1998, respectively. Currently, 461 undergraduate students, as well as 47 masters and 12 doctoral students, register for the Department of Political Science. Soochow University implemented higher education evaluation in 2003. The Department of Political Science won the excellence award, got the school subsidy, and promoted numerous teaching, researching, counseling development plans.

  Mr. Liou, Ji-ren, the president of Franklin foundation serves as the chairman of the alumni association of the department. More than three hundred alumni came back to Soochow University for celebrating the 60th anniversary of the department of political science in 2014. This activity demonstrated alumni’s centripetal force toward the department. Since 1999, professors have demonstrated excellent performance in academic research. Besides, professors have experienced numerous party alternation, served as civilian representatives, and worked for important government agencies. Thus, it reflects that the department integrates theories with practice. 

  Chairman Tsai Hsiu-Chuan has taken over the affairs of the department since August, 2021. The department focuses on the curriculums to strengthen curriculum design, promote the interaction between professors and students, and deliberate new research topics. Besides, the curriculums enable students to solve problems and develop academic research ability. Students can keep up with social trends through curriculums. The department also implements teaching innovation to create a student-oriented educational environment.   


Department Office: Room D1008, 10th Floor, Waishuangxi Second Research Building

Contact number:02-28819471 Ext.: 6251-6255  6261-6262

E-Mail: politics@scu.edu.tw


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