The Development of Soochow Journal of Political Science


This is an academic journal published by Soochow University, listed on TSSCI. Soochow Journal of Political Science was first published in 1992. Soochow Journal of Political Science has been listed on TSSCI in 2000 since the TSSCI qualification started. Following are the development of the editorial board, manuscript handling and goal and vision.


1.The editorial board of Soochow Journal of Political Science

The editorial board is composed of seven members from faculty from department of Politics and eight scholars and experts outside. There is one coordinator, the dean officer, associate professor, Hawang Shiow-duan, who is one of the members from faculty, now. The remaining six are elected during the second department affairs meeting of spring semester. Current members are: professor Hawang Shiow-duan, associate professor Chen, Chun-hung, associate professor Wu, Chih-chung, associate professor Chen Jui-Chung, associate professor Lin, Chiung-chu and associate professor Wang Huei-Huang .The chief editor is elected among the editorial board, with a term of two years. Professor Hawang Shiow-duan is the current chief editor. The outside editorial board members are chosen from members from faculty. The outside editorial board members cooperate with the faculty on the publishing affairs. We've invited ten outside scholars: Lin, Cheng-yi, researcher fellow, from Institute of European and American Studies , Academia Sinica, Lin, Jih-wen, researcher fellow, from Institute of Political Science, Academic Sinica, Chang, Fu-kien  research fellow, from Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RCHSS), Academia Sinica, Wu, Rwei-ren, associate research fellow, from Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica, professor Shih, Jay N. from department of Public Administration, National Cheng-chi University, associate professor Yang, Wan-ying, from department of Political Science, National Cheng-chi University,professor Luor, Ching-jyuhn from department of Public Administration, National Taipei University, associate professor Stéphane Corcuff from Institut d'etudes politiques de Lyon, France, professor Alexander C. TAN from School of Political Science &. Communication, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and Dr Dafydd John Fell, Deputy Director of the Centre of Taiwan Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London which is over half of the editorial board. We hope to raise the quality and level of scholarship of Soochow Journal of Political Science by inviting external reviewers and editorial board members.


2.The manuscript handling in recent three years:

(1).Source(of contribution)

The Soochow Journal of Political Science is open for submission. The main issue of this journal is politics related research papers, including political thoughts, international relations, Comparative Politics, public administration and policy related fields and takes research newsletters such as book reviews, and relevant research projects as secondary reliance. There are also special issues published irregularly. It has been scheduled to publish four times per year (March, June, September and December) since 2006. Papers can be submitted any time. There is an average of 4-5 papers per issue.

(2).Review process

We take the double-blind design as our review process. After passing the certification of the editorial board, submissions will be sent to researchers or scholars under the recommendation of the editorial board. The review process strictly follows Rules of Review Process. To maintain the quality and prestige of Soochow Journal of Political Science, we lower the rate of internal submissions (below 25%) and raise the rejection rate (about 65%) with the TSSCI criteria.

3.The goal and vision of Soochow Journal of Political Science

We've always pursued the perfectness on reviewing process and organization management. Our effort has been certificated by the TSSCI qualification and receives considerable acclaim, taking the leading position in the field of political science.

Thus, we changed our journal into a quarterly review on September, 2006 to respond to the long-term support from academic fellows. We plan to expand the sources of contribution via more domestic or international conferences. We hope the stimulation by scholars from the world could further explore the scope with multiplicity and international angles and to strengthen the reputation and influence making Soochow Journal of Political Science a representative index in academy of Soochow University.


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