Features of the Major

Honesty, passion, perseverance, professionalism, breadth, perceptivity—these are not only the primary tenets of the university, but also the foundational principles of the physic department’s teaching philosophy. As well-roundedness is a goal of modern education, our department seeks to foster open-minded, active, compassionate members of society. With regard to the study of specialized subjects, through various courses and laboratory experiments we hope students will further develop their scientific intuition and global view of events, employing these skills throughout their lives.

The research of our professors falls under four main ares: biophysics, optical physics (including synchrotron radiation and Raman spectroscopy), physics education, and theoretical physics (including cosmology, relativity, quantum field theory, and fundamental physics).

Currently, our department is in collaboration with establishments such as the Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, and the National Hsinchu University of Education. With these institutions, we are conducting basic physics research and opening up new fields of research. In the future, beyond continuing our work in research, we aim to improve physics education in college and middle school by developing better teaching materials and demonstration apparatuses.


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