To foster students’ grasp and appreciation of science, our department has designed courses and course sequences that are coherent and cohesive, bearing in mind the importance of both theory and application in physics.  Through our courses, we aim to push students beyond their capabilities and allow them to fully reach their potentials.  Our professors are also extremely approachable, often conversing with students outside of class.  After four years of study, most students have a solid foundation in physics as well as plural personalities.


     Our professors are dedicated to teaching students.  Beyond scheduling times for academic counseling and tutoring, they also welcome students to discuss with them whenever desired.  Additionally, professors regularly coordinate events like “Moonlight club” in the school garden, where they talk over various issues with their students in a pleasing natural environment.  Some professors also choose to plan their own events, such as Professor Yuan-Tsun Liu’s regular physics discussion during Friday noons.  Through these student-faculty interactions, we hope to stimulate our students’ academic and personal growths, cultivating a well-rounded character in each of them.


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