Title Name Portrait Education Expertise
Full-Time Associate Professor & Chairman of the Department Chang-Shentg MEI Portrait of Teacher 「Chang-Shentg MEI」 Ph. D. of Boston College Biomedical physics, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and its applications, MR guided focused ultrasound for tumor treatment
Professor Emeritus Yuan-Tsun LIU Portrait of Teacher 「Yuan-Tsun LIU」 Ph. D. of Columbia University Physics education, theoretical physics, history of physics
Full-Time Associate Professor Chiou-Min CHEN Portrait of Teacher 「Chiou-Min CHEN」 Ph. D. of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology Nondestructive testing, applied electronics, Instrumentation Design
Full-Time Associate Professor Chun-Hsien WU Portrait of Teacher 「Chun-Hsien WU」 Ph. D. of Tufts University Quantum field theory in curved spacetime, Cosmology, Gravitational waves
Full-Time Assistant Professor Kung-Te WU Portrait of Teacher 「Kung-Te WU」 Ph. D. of National Taiwan University X-ray absorption spectroscopy, pair annihilation and gamma spectroscopy research, solid state physics
Full-Time Assistant Professor Yi-Ping HUANG Portrait of Teacher 「Yi-Ping HUANG」 Ph. D. of National Chiao Tung University Laser technology and physics, nonlinear optical frequency conversion
Full-Time Assistant Professor Tzuu-Kang CHYI Portrait of Teacher 「Tzuu-Kang CHYI」 Ph. D. of National Chiao Tung University Gravity and cosmology, magnetic resonance physics, education of physics
Full-Time Assistant Professor Yeo-Yie Charng Portrait of Teacher 「Yeo-Yie Charng」 PhD Department of Physics, University of Pittsburgh uamtun Field, Lattice Field, PQCD, Cosmology, LCD, Electronics, Computational Physics
Full-Time Assistant Professor Chih-Yuan Lin Portrait of Teacher 「Chih-Yuan Lin」 Ph.D. of the University of Georgia Theoretical atomic and molecular physics, computational physics, medical physics
Part-Time Associate Professor Ching-Yun REN Portrait of Teacher 「Ching-Yun REN」 Ph. D. of University of Maryland Gravitation, nuclear physics


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