Soochow University was founded in 1900 and was authorized to move to Taiwan in 1954, after which the Physics Department returned to the university in 1970.  With the dedication of department heads over the decades, the Physics Department has built a strong foundation and continues to grow today.


The Physics Department only has an undergraduate division.  To nurture our students’ appreciation and grasp of science and inspire them to attain their potentials, our department has focused on designing a coherent and cohesive curriculum, ensuring students learn both theories and applications of physics.  Our professors have also always been receptive to discussions outside of class, paying attention to students’ academic situations and guiding their personal developments.  Our department is one big family, and the friendships and bonds formed here last far after students have graduated and professors have retired.  In the pleasant environment of Soochow University, most students graduate in four years with a solid foundation in physics and a healthy personality.


Our professors have always taken a rigorous demanding but flexible approach to their students’ academics.  Across all 42 alumni, we have substantial achievements in fields as varied as further studies in domestic and international graduate schools, scientific research, education, and work in business and industry.  These accomplishments also serve to encourage our undergraduate students with visions of the future.


Furthermore, in order to improve our students’ hands-on abilities, we have established the Center of Education Research and purchased eight 3D printers for professors and students to use in laboratory experiments and research.


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