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Secretary Ching -Fang Fan Portrait of   

1.   Preparation for meetings and minutes of meeting 1)   Departmental Affairs meeting 2)   Teachers Review Committee 3)   Curriculum Committee 4)   Undergraduate Program Admission Recommendation Committee 5)   Chairman Selection committee. 2.   Human resource operations, including:  recruitment and appointment, promotion, leaves of faculty and recruiting and appointment of teaching assistants. 3.   Faculty evaluation. 4.   Assignment and appointment of advisors. 5.   Course and teaching affairs for Undergraduate program and , Extension Education Undergraduate program 6.    Handling of official letters, e-mail system, and Departmental Registration table. 7.   Departmental Development and Planning.  Consolidation, submission, execution and review/audit of budget. 8.   Matters related to Department evaluation   9.   Consolidation and submission of school evaluation information and Higher Education Administration database.

  1. Maintenance of Department website.
  2. Management of business related to admission affairs of various recruitment channels for Undergraduate program and Extension Education Undergraduate program.
  3.  Management of properties of Undergraduate program.
  4.  Matters related to registration affairs of Undergraduate program and , Extension Education Undergraduate program
  5.  Extension education (credit courses, active aging learning colleges, self-expensed internship).
  6.  Matters relating to teaching evaluation, feedback survey.
  7. Compilation of teacher’s application for Research projects of Ministry of Science and Technology; assisting teachers in the verification, filing related matters for aid programs of Ministry of Science and Technology, Councelling Office etc.
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Secretary Hua-Hsiu Kuo Portrait of   


    Preparation for meetings and minutes of meeting


Master program and PhD program Committee


Gakushuin University Exchange

Student  Selection/Review Committee


    Matters related to Japanese teacher employment



    Matters related to Japanese professors

visiting Taiwan (lecture hours arrangement, accommodation, airport pick-up, etc.)


    Application for academic stipend for teachers

and Mr. Hu Pi-Jiang Memorial Fund, donation from Friends of Soochow Foundation academic stipend for overseas scholars.


    Stipend, scholarship and management of internship

hours for graduate students of Master Program, PhD program and on-the-job Master program.


    Mid-term presentation and final degree



    Course registration councelling, and credit

deduction matters for Master program and PhD program.


    Matters related to Student recruiting for Master

program, On-the-Job Master program, PhD program.


    Accounting management, Departmental

Administration expenses, various management expenses, Development Fund specified for Department of Japanese Language and Culture, verification and filing of graduate school related budget and expenses.


     Setting check/verification conditions of

Course registration for Master program, On-the-Job Master program, and PhD program.


     Matters related to application for Advising

professor, Hamayuu Scholarship for Master program, On-the-Job Master program, and PhD program.


     Management of property and classrooms of

Master programs and PhD program.


     Japanese Language Teaching International

Conference (once every two year)



of academic status for students of Master program, On-the-Job Master program, and PhD program.


     Welfare related affairs of faculty and staffs.


     University of Miyazaki, Gakushuin University, Hitotsubashi

University, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, education field practice. Administration and coordination matters.


      Accounting management and academic activities

for secretariat of Association of Japanese Language Education in Taiwan, 

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Teaching Assistant Yi-Chin Yeh Portrait of   

1.   Preparation for meetings and minutes of meeting 1)   Academic Exchange Committee 2)   Academic and Publishing Committee 3)   Undergraduate Program Overseas Study Selection Committee 4)   Nagoya, Niigata Exchange Student Selection/Review Committee 5)   Department Administrative Meeting 2.    Matters related to Undergraduate students visiting Japan for short-term overseas study (Meikai University, Takushoku University Doshisha University group internship). 3.    Course selection counseling for exchange students. 4.    Japanese Language Education Research Society routine meeting. 5.    Matters related to holding academic seminars. 6.    Soochow University Japanese Language Educational Newsletter 7.    Matters related course registration for Day Division students. 8.   Editorial work of Taiwan Japanese Language Education Association Newsletter, preparation work of  Meeting, Board of Directors and Supervisors meeting,   Association web page management, Association Mailbox management 9.   Management of Department office e-mail mailbox.

  1.  Matters related to Meikai University Summer Education interns.
  2.  School level agreement exchange student selection/review operation.
  3.  Management of teaching equipment/aid of Second Academic Building
  4.   Organizing books in Second academic building
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Teaching Assistant Hsin-Yuan Yang Portrait of   

1.   Preparation for meetings and minutes of meeting 1)   Advisors meeting 2)   Student Affairs Committee meeting 3)   Department Administration meeting 4)   Educational Curriculum Committee Meeting 2.   National Senior High School/Senior Vocational High School Japanese Language Speech Contest and National University Japanese Language Speech Contest. 3.   Japanese Language Oral Interpretation Curriculum Achievement Show. 4.   Matters related to purchase of teaching material. 5.   Design, production of Department Introduction 6.   Course registration for Day Division 7.   Japanese language debate contest. 8.   Matters related to proposal of student rewards and punishments. 9.   Various subsidy options of Teaching Resource Centre.

  1.  Matters related to scholarship grants.
  2.  Matters common to Japanese Language.  
  3.  First stage selection for Department of Secondary Education Program
  4.  Outstanding graduating student Departmental Service Outstanding Award selection.
  5.  Subsidies for various councelling activities of Student Affairs Center
  6.  Curriculum discussion meeting
  7.  Colloquium for further study or job placement.
  8.  Management of computer related facilities and computer courses.
  9.  Enterprise visits and internship.
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Teaching Assistant Fang-Yu Lin Portrait of   

1.   Preparation for meetings and minutes of meeting.  1)   Departmental Administrative Meeting 2.   Matters related to Chinese Language Class of Takushoku University, Meikai University Takachiho University, Daito Bunka University. 3.   Japanese student visiting Taiwan/Exchange 4.   Deduction of credits for transfer students, and students who change majors. 5.   Acting as a contact window for Department Association 6.   Selection of students who apply for change major. 7.   School of Foreign Language and Culture cross school Symposium 8.    Compilation of recommendations of purchase list for books and video teaching material. 9.    Maintenance of graduation student information, connecting alumni.

  1.   Extension Education Undergraduate program course selection/registration.
  2.  Application for parking space, auto/motorcycle passes, security cards.
  3.  Japanese Language competition
  4.  Japanese Culture Camp for high school students.
  5.  Xi-cheng Lecture Hall
  6.  University faculty and staff sports events and tournament
  7.  JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) tutorial classes.
  8.  Assisting in the maintenance of Departmental web page.
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